Excellent Chrome OS Netbooks from Google

Google seemed so serious to push themselves as the powerful operating system providers. After succeeded rocking the world of cell phones by releasing the Android, they have decided to produce the laptops that used their operating system, the Chromo operating system. According to them, the excellent Chrome OS netbooks would be released as soon as possible.

One of this excellent Chrome OS netbooks is called as the Cr 48. This is the prototype of the Google products that would make the fans so delighted about. This product has been released to see the respond of the public with this netbook. If the responds were excellent, the Google might decide to push the productions of this excellent netbook. It would give them gadget freaks some chances to have the excellent gadgets from Google.

You might be a bit confused with the Chrome OS netbooks since those netbooks used the Chrome operating system. Of course, most people would be friendlier than the Windows OS and MacIntosh OS that have been used by many brands. As the new stuff, the users should adapt with the Chrome OS. However, it might be just the starting point. In the future, it would be rocks as the Android did.

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